Is Clickbait Bad in SEO?

is clickbait bad in seo

First, do you know what is clickbait? Clickbait is an application that looks bad for SEO. Clickbait is a very comprehensive application and is used not only in SEO but also in various video channels. It is referred to as deceiving people in the social network without realizing it. Web pages use this method a lot. However, this application, which attracted people’s attention in a short time, quickly reveals that the site is a click-bait site. People stop clicking on the site and start looking for new sources. People who are considering long-term investments should stay away from such jobs because the clickbait swamp will make websites lose their place in a short time and settle in the lowest ranks.

What Is Clickbait?

Clickbait article has spread seriously in the web world. This application, commonly used by people who want to obtain ad revenue, is used especially by news sites. Clickbait ads practice is something people are not far from. Sites find a very interesting title. For example, the famous actor publishes news that he had a traffic accident. When the news is clicked, it is noticed that the actor is not getting strong enough to be an actor, stop being famous. This practice, called content marketing, can be explained as a kind of clickbait content. It will deceive people with headings, enable them to enter the site, and gain clicks. Page views will certainly increase, but the site will soon be exposed, and people will no longer enter that site.


Why Should You Avoid Clickbait?

Creating a Clickbait article is a black-hat seo technique and will drive people away from the site, as it can deceive people. When this happens several times, people stop visiting that site. As it will be very difficult to regain trust, people considering long-term investments should stay away from this business. However, others can continue this practice as long as they want because it is obvious that it will gain in a short time.

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FAQ About Click-bait

Is it okay to gain potential with short-term clickbait?

People may want to continue the cb process for a short time and then turn to completely correct articles. However, there is a possibility that the site may be exposed in a short time. Also, if Google notices this situation, it will still be a big problem.

Does Clickbait provide high profits?

CB for a newly created site will not provide any profit. A site that has been promoted may also lose everything it had up to then. Older sites earn higher.

Is Clickbait always harmful?

CB isn’t always harmful. For example, a person can cb with an interesting but unrelated image. However, using the title incorrectly is seriously troublesome. However, it isn’t recommended in any way.

Conclusion On Clickbait

People should avoid the cb process as much as possible. It could potentially seriously lose followers. When I say increase the gain, it is possible to decrease it.

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