what is an anchor text in articles

What Is Anchor Text in Articles? (2020)

Anchor text is a formation that increases the duration of people entering the website to research a subject. A link related to the topic affects people the text. This text is usually gets a yellow, green, or blue color. Some site owners underline these text and state it as such. It isn’t written in the same tone, color, or background…

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what is a domain name

What Is a Domain Name? (Definitive Guide)

Domain name is purchased during the establishment of websites have the characteristic of being the web page’s web address. Before creating the site, the website builder contacts the name registrants to get a suitable name. As long as the names with the site’s physical address are known and have a high search potential, they get full marks from SEO. Search…

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simple guide to video marketing

Simple Guide to Video Marketing (2020)

Video marketing, which has gained great importance in recent years, is among the platforms that enable people to grow their brands in a short time. This formation, growing day by day, has a great impact on Facebook live and search engines. Internet salespeople can grow their audience with video marketing and e-mail marketing, and have the chance to appeal to…

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keyword stuffing

What Is Keyword Stuffing & Why Is It Bad?

Keyword stuffing is a situation used by most people. This situation, also called black hat SEO, is preferred by website owners who want to stand out in a short time. Keyword stuffing, which helps to rank first on search results in a short time, ends the trust on the page when it is noticed by Google and causes the page…

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how to change your domain

How to Change Your Domain? (Complete Guide)

People may not be satisfied with the domains they have received with great enthusiasm from time to time. The domain may not have a certain search potential, or a suitable name may not be selected for the site’s course. People need a top-level name to generate good traffic. Search engines immediately highlight domains with high search potential. The name must…

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google rankbrain

Google RankBrain: What Is It? (Definitive Guide)

RankBrain, one of the biggest infrastructure software prepared by Google, is a well-working artificial intelligence system. We make an average of 3 billion searches every day on Google. In this search made in different languages, sometimes unnecessary words are used, and meaningless words are used. This system, which is prepared for people to reach the results they are looking for…

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e mail marketing what is it

E-Mail Marketing: What Is It? (Guide to E Mail Marketing)

With the developing web world, various investments that will enable people to earn additional income have been formed and increased gradually. Some people no longer earn additional income, but rather make this business all income. In the web world’s marketing, the more time people spend on their work, the more profit they earn. This has contributed to people earning more…

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content marketing what is it

Content Marketing: What Is It? (Guide)

The web world, which has grown with the developing technology in recent years, has made people need a lot of content. Search engines now focus more on content than on the root of the website. Content written to appeal to the right target audience is put on the market with content marketing. People who do this job create great content…

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is clickbait bad in seo

Is Clickbait Bad in SEO? (2020 Guide)

Clickbait is an application that looks bad for SEO. Clickbait is a very comprehensive application and is used not only in SEO but also in various video channels. It is referred to as deceiving people in the social network without realizing it. Web pages use this method a lot. However, this application, which attracted people’s attention in a short time,…

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writing creatvie blog titles

Writing Creative Blog Titles (Brief Guide)

There are two important points for blog posts to stand out and attract attention. While one of them is good content, the most important and the other is the creative blog titles. People should choose a creative blog title. A great title is a must for the great blog. When a person enters a search, they will be affected by…

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