content marketing what is it

What Is Content Marketing?

The web world, which has grown with the developing technology in recent years, has made people need a lot of content. Search engines now focus more on content than on the root of the website. What is content and what is content marketing? Content written to appeal to the right target audience is put on the market with content marketing.…

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is clickbait bad in seo

Is Clickbait Bad in SEO?

First, do you know what is clickbait? Clickbait is an application that looks bad for SEO. Clickbait is a very comprehensive application and is used not only in SEO but also in various video channels. It is referred to as deceiving people in the social network without realizing it. Web pages use this method a lot. However, this application, which…

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writing creatvie blog titles

Writing Creative Blog Titles (Brief Guide)

There are two important points for blog posts to stand out and attract attention. While one of them is good and SEO friendly article, the most important and the other is the creative blog titles. People should choose a creative blog name. A great title is a must for the great blog. When a person enters a search, they will…

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what are black hat seo techniques

What Are Black Hat SEO Techniques?

Black Hat SEO techniques can be defined as increasing a website’s ranking in a search engine result page (SERP). On the other side, it is against terms of service for searching engines, and the result may be devastating, and your website may be banned. But what is black hat SEO? If you are still wondering, here are all the things…

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tips to become an seo expert

Tips to Become an SEO Expert (2022 Guide)

If you have a site or a webpage and are interested in SEO, you can get help from experts or become an SEO expert. What Does an SEO Expert Do? SEO means ‘Search Engine Optimization.’ So what is SEO speacialist? SEO specialist reviews, analyses, and implements changes to websites. SEO specialists try to make your site show up at the…

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how to write an seo friendly article

How to Write an SEO Friendly Article?

It is necessary for the blog posts on your website to be SEO compatible for your website to stand out. An SEO friendly article is essential for search engines to love your website. If search engines like your website, your website will rank high in search engine results. So now, let’s explain step by step how to write an SEO…

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what is seo

What Is SEO? (2022 Definitive Guide)

In the last years, we have started to hear the name of SEO quite often. As we evolve into a digital age, the way businesses market their products and advertise their services is also changing. So let’s see step by step what SEO meaning is? What Does SEO Mean? What is SEO? Search engine optimization or SEO is some kind…

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what is local seo

What Is Local SEO? – The Basics Guide

Online sources are now the largest marketplace for businesses. To be noticed in the vastness of the web, your business must comply with the local SEO techniques and other proven search engine optimization techniques. Local search engine optimization is about optimizing your digital presence to rank up in organic search results from relevant local searches. So through a good local search…

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what is organic traffic

What Is Organic Traffic? (And How To Increase It?)

Organic traffic refers to visits to a website that are sourced from unpaid search results instead of paid traffic. So, visitors find the website through search engines; and they are not referred to the website by any other website or through advertising. For example, if you perform a search on Google or Bing; the search engine will direct you to…

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On page seo for beginners

On Page SEO for Beginners (Checklist)

To get a better hold of SEO, it is important to know the sections it is divided into. On-Page or off-page SEO is nothing different from what you already know about SEO in general. On Page SEO refers to the factors which are measured directly ON your website, which can affect your ranking. For example, the title tags, meta tags,…

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